Meet Justin DeCavitch

Justin DeCavitch is the newest certified MAT practitioner to join Muscular Connections. Justin is an accomplished and award-winning gymnast and coach. He is drawn to MAT because he sees what a difference it can make in a person’s life.  Justin works with athletes and non-athletes alike and is as thrilled as they are when they see progress in flexibility, range of motion, and improved pain management.

“I look at each client as a puzzle. Let’s say, for example, the range of motion isn’t 100% for a client, I investigate what could be the problem and work on that. Once we compare before and after, it’s amazing to see my clients’ faces. They are shocked at what we were able to improve,” says Justin. 

When not working on clients at Muscular Connections, Justin can be found coaching and doing gymnastics, or enjoying camping, boating, and new food adventures with his friends and family.